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Your Best Choice - The Multi-Functional Nursing Bed

As the number of old people increases, Chuangxing Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd. has more than 30 Years of experience manufacturing products for the wellbeing of our customers on stainless steel toilet. Thinking in the future we have successfully developed a Multi-Functional Nursing Bed which can be used for domestic nursing, medical nursing and physical therapy to meet the nursing requirements of home bound users and overall medical institutions.The Multi-Functional Nursing Bed is fully made of food-grade 304 stainless steel. Its main body consists of three modules, which are a fixed to a main frame, a functional frame and an electric remote control system.The Multi-Functional Nursing Bed is easy to operate.All functions can be operated by remote control (wired or wireless). The Multi-Functional Nursing Bed can reduce the difficulty of caring for the patients, can improve their life quality and could benefit their recovery times by Generating saves to the institutional users.

The Multi-Functional Nursing Bed has a desk countertop with hot and cold water tap, a multipurpose wash-basin, and a table top for reading, eating, or any other activities alike.The Multi-Functional Nursing Bed has integrated an advanced flushing system that automatically discharges waste water without mess or efforts.Its integrated toilet basing moves in and out smooth following a straight-line, and it is conveniently operated by remote control.The countertop is level with the bed end after being put back.So it is easy for people to eat and read.The Multi-Functional Nursing Bed has integrated side handrails designed to fully comply with nursing and ergonomic requirements. Its Backres can be lifted from 0 to 80 degrees.Allowing a slow and comfortable transition between lying and sitting positions, it can be stopped at any angle.The Multi-Functional Nursing Bed includes can help users to turn right and left without efforts while in lying position. For safety it also has an anti-rollover function on both right and left sides. In order to comply with the highest requirements for ergonomics, healthcare and skin protection The Multi-Functional Nursing Bed includes an automated function that allows it to turn patients a 35° angle every 30 minutes, all done by itself without the need of human interaction.

The Multi-Functional Nursing Bed includes a function of rising and lowering the patient´s legs to move users' legs more comfortably.This function help the user adopt a comfortable sitting position to stimulate blood flow.The toilet has an automatic extension and contraction function and an automatic hot water cleaning function.The Multi-Functional Nursing Bed, can also be operated manually. After contraction, it is totally hidden under the nursing bed.Made following German Technology the sewage treatment device is quiet, clean and durable.It has an automatic water level-sensing function to guarantee smooth channels. The Multi-Functional Nursing Bed has multiple nursing functions.All functions can act independently or together. It also has a safe mode by applying reliable limitations and action interlocking.The Multi-Functional Nursing Bed is the best choice for domestic nursing, medical nursing and physical therapy.