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The water-saving method of toilet bowl

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Place 2.5l beverage bottles or bricks in the toilet to reduce the amount of water.

The water storage capacity of the stainless steel toilet tank can be reduced by slightly bending the float shank in the inside (without bending too much). This is because the water storage in the toilet tank is controlled by the float. As the float rises, the amount of water stored increases. Conversely, when the float is lowered, the amount of water stored decreases. If there is too much bending of the float handle to reduce the amount of water storage, in addition to turning the float handle back to the adjustment, it can also be used to adjust the float ball height with the direction of the floating ball handle. If the amount of water is reduced without a large flush, it can be flushed to the toilet (not the tank) with water tube or water spoon at the same time as the size of the tube. In addition, before adjusting the float, the normal water level before the adjustment can be marked with a pencil in the inner edge of the tank before deciding how much water to save or how much water to save. It's also better than putting a brick or water bottle in the toilet. Bricks or water bottles can also trap the device in the tank and keep the water flowing.

Use a water saving toilet or a double flush fitting. Currently, conventional toilets typically have a flush volume of about 12 to about 15 liters per flush, while a new generation of water - saving toilet requires only 6 to 9 liters per flush. And because of its overall design is different, there will be no rush sordid doubts for water cut. However, because install this kind of province water toilet needs to replace original whole toilet, it is old of original toilet is replaced commonly. A simpler and more economical approach is to replace the parts of the original toilet tank into a two-stage flush fitting which allows only half the water to flush.

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