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The maintenance of the sink

Clean it immediately after use, dry and keep it in place. Try not to leave the water droplet on the surface of the gutter and stainless steel wash basin. Because the water of the high iron component will cause the water to rust and the high mineral content will produce a white film.

If mineral deposits occur at the bottom of the tank, it may be removed with diluted vinegar and flushed with water.

Do not expose hard or rusted articles to water tank for a long period of time.

Rubber disc pad, wet sponge or cleaning sheet must not remain in the water tank overnight.

Note that fluorine containing household products, bleaching agents, food products, and cleaning products containing silver, and sulfur, hydrochloric acid, are potentially harmful to the tank.

Note that the bleaching agent or the gas released from the kitchen cabinet erodes the bottom of the tank.

If chemical or iron flux is contacted with the sink, rinse the tank immediately.

Do not clean the water tank with an iron ring or a rough cleaning substance.

When using the water tank for the first time, release water for 5-10 minutes, clean the water containing rusting substance in the water pipe and clean the surface of the sink with a soft cloth. It is best to continuously test water for a period of 2-3 times to ensure that the rust water is discharged cleanly.

Ask the construction staff to use the plastic bag after installation of the gutter, and then disassemble the plastic bag after finishing.

If surface of water tank is crested, wipe with talcum powder and rust removing water in time.