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The collocation technique of urinal

Comfort, the space never left behind, and the simple stainless steel toilet is fitted with a natural style tile. Beautiful jade pieces of porcelain tiles are extremely beautiful, lively and natural, like natural jade. Tian huang is the ultimate product in the seal and is the imperial seal. The noble and naturalness of rhubarb is incorporated into the ceramic tile to achieve the preciousness and purity of the porcelain flake. In view, that jade jade was in a mysterious, dreamy touch of her delicate skin and a dreamlike feel. The highest level of beauty is natural, and in this natural place you can experience a pleasant and moving natural breath.

Without a deliberate luxury, only natural drawing, the line of fashionable toilet and sanitary life is a portrait of fast pace life. The combination of the two colors of the tiles gives the spatial laminar feeling, making the home of the toilet more elegant. Its modern style mean simplicity, grace, tenderness, and a few mood. In the Los Angeles, the red color is even, the shade is right, the texture is clear and natural. Let this space have to reveal the dry, deep and refined, and not lose the spirit. The modern home of the city toilet complements his master's mood, relieving his fatigue, relieving the pressure and bringing the most comfortable and comfortable enjoyment.

Classic is a vivid theme of space, and the small space can still be used in a clear day. Its space is exquisite and it is not so much as to see it, but that flower of the field are filled in every corner, so as to make people appear to be in the fresh garden, and the fragrant smell of the fragrant grass come oncoming. When life meets the natural reality, when the bathroom meets the old Rhine town, the life will be integrated into fashion, art and nature like pastoral poetry.