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The benefits and shortcomings of the toilet bowl

The floor toilet is the most common type of toilet, and the toilet drain is down.

This is often the case.

Upstairs the toilet, floor drain drains through the floor of this floor, in the lower roof of the place to make a corner, into the drain pipe, which we are often used now.

The benefits of the toilet bowl

1. When flushing water, the noise is relatively small, almost can be called silent.

2. It is more powerful to flush the water, and it is easier to flush the waste that is attached to the surface of the toilet. It is very clean and makes the toilet look clean and new.

3. The effect of deodorization is better than other toilet, get rid of the stink of the toilet.


The shortcomings of the toilet bowl

1. When flushing water, you should first put the water into a high sleep before you can rinse off the excrement. It is generally used to use 8 to 9 liters of water for the purpose of flushing.

This is a waste of water compared to other types of toilets.

2. The diameter of the drainpipe is about 56cm. If you throw a paper towel into the toilet, it will become blocked when flushing.