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The benefits of entering a wall toilet

A wall toilet is also called a wall toilet.
It's made up of a water tank and a hole outside the wall.
This saves space.
This kind of toilet takes a kind of fashion sense; give our washing bathroom to add high-grade temperament.
The benefits of entering a wall toilet
First: Good appearance
Flush toilet can give exposure to ugly pipes to hidden, never see all kinds of pipe, improve the people's mood, but also let a space become large and broad in a flash.
Second: Clean and convenient
For some people who have cleanliness, entering a wall toilet is perfect.
It doesn't have any dead corners to clean up, so it's easy to clean the toilet.
Third: Mobile convenience
If a wall toilet needs to change position, his movement is also very convenient, without any restriction.
Fourth: Small noise
Ordinary toilet, the water tank is directly connected with the sitting pit, so say when flush toilet, the sound of water flow is very big, this kind of noise can affect other people.
And in the wall type toilet because the water tank is hidden inside the wall, because there is the block of the wall, so the flow of water to the toilet is very small.
The defect of the horizontal toilet
First: easy to break
The inner parts of the horizontal toilet are damaged faster.
Second: low tolerance
From the capacity of the toilet, the capacity of the horizontal flush toilet is lower than that of the floor toilet.
Third: it is inconvenient to repair
Horizontal toilet repair is very inconvenient, once the toilet appears problem, need to repair is very troublesome.The wall must be chipped away for repair.