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The advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel basin


1. Technical data of stainless steel wash basin

Stainless steel wash basin are made of thick raw stainless steel materials and steel is extracted by the height. Stainless steel wash basin appearance also selected matte or mirror coating technology. Far strong more than the usual stainless steel sink for its time-consuming and difficult.

2. Cleaning convenience of stainless steel basin

Stainless steel basin most outstanding strengths that is simple to clean, no matter how dirty the soap bubble, just a drop of water, and bright as new.

3. Designing on stainless steel basin

Stainless steel basin has its unique sense of calm and strong industrial product planning. If carefully deployed, stainless steel basin decoration will be contrary to your expectations. It can be used to express a kind of unique modern sense in industrial society.


1. Quotation on stainless steel sink

The raw materials and surface treatment technology of Stainless steel basin determining its quotation is not too low. This has resulted in the embarrassing situation of the stainless steel basin.

2. Renovation of the stainless steel basin

Relative to the ceramic basin or glass basin, Stainless steel basin decoration is not anything, and sanitary ware and other goods for its extremely stringent provisioning requirements.