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Stainless Steel Water Dispenser Basin

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KUGE Stainless Steel Sanitary Ware

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Chuangxing Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd. Was founded in 1 9 8 9 as the leading stainless steel service and solution provider for the global customers located in Foshan, Guangdong Province, China.



We have been producing 9 main stainless steel sanitary ware product series including our new products in 2018: Flushing/ drying toilet pans, vacuum toilet, bio-toilet, medical nursing bed, combination toilets, squatting toilet pans, stainless steel urinal series, stainless steel wash basin series, shower room series and other fittings and accessories with over 2,000 products available to meet the customer’s requirement.


We are one of the best fully vertically integrated stainless steel manufacturer in China with mold design, production, inspection, packaging, and sales of all processes in house. We are doing the very stringent selection for all the components/ fitting suppliers according to the I S O- 9 0 0 1 regulation to ensure the best quality of our products.


2018 New Water Dispenser Basin

stainless steel wash basin


With our perpetual efforts, Kuge has successfully been in the water cooler industry for stainless steel water dispenser basins to supply water to large water-limited areas worldwide.


Various forms of porcelain and mild steel water fountain dispenser basins were used attached to the current water dispensers.


Compared with the mild steel or ceramic water dispenser basins, KUGE’s newly developed stainless steel water dispenser basin is a successful ODM business example transforming the ceramic or mild steel water dispensers to stainless steel material with more sleek design in appearance, more durable in use for corrosion resistance with anti-break function.



1st polishing before fabrication in the factory :  

first stainless steel toilet production


2.Shaping by tooling in the factory:


second stainless steel toilet production


3. Precise Fabrication in the process:

third stainless steel toilet production


4.Welding the small individual parts:


fourth stainless steel toilet production


5.2nd Manual Polishing before packaging:

fifth stainless steel toilet production