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Stainless steel toilet advantages

Stainless steel toilet is a new type of toilet products. Since entering the market, stainless steel toilet has been one of the most popular type of toilet products , following the traditional ceramic toilet. In sum, compared to the traditional ceramic toilet, stainless steel toilet have advantages as follows:

1.Stainless steel toilet compared with ceramic toilet, it has the advantages of light. As is known to all, ceramic toilet is a very heavy bathroom products. Stainless steel toilet is a kind of sanitary ware products as the main material is stainless steel ,of which the weight is light.

2.Compared with ceramic toilet, stainless steel toilet has the advanced feature of beautiful and durable. In general, stainless steel toilet is made of 304 stainless steel, its quality is guaranteed, has the characteristics of strong and durable. Compared with ceramic toilet, stainless steel toilet gives users a image of more beautiful in appearance, decorative performance better.

According to the water main point, Stainless steel toilet can be divided into "water-down type", "siphon type" and "siphon vortex type", etc. Water-down type and siphon are dominated about 6 litres water, and water-down type toilets’ injection drainage ability is strong, just loud when strong water; And vortex type a water consumption is big, but good quiet.