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Stainless Prison Toilet From KUGE

Stainless Steel Prison Toilet from KUGE-Real Water Expert in the Industry


Stainless Steel Prison Toilet from KUGE




Stainless Steel Prison Toilet from Other Supplier on the market


1) KUGE product KG-T216P-M with Easier Installation

From our attached product drawing KG-T216P-M, KUGE's time-delayed valve for flushing, spout for hand washing, inside water tank are one-piece design together with the combination toilet.

Not like such design as per OTHER SIMILAR stainless steel prison combination toilet with separate and individual time-delayed flushing valve, spout for hand washing and individual water tank.

When doing the installation on project site, it is much easier for the workers to install KUGE's toilet KG-T216P-M.

This is because to install the KUGE toilet, the workers only need to connect with one water inlet pipe and one drainage pipe, using the installation bolts to fix it against the wall. The toilets can be used straight away.


But while doing the installation for combination toilet from other similar stainless steel toilets, the workers have to take time and efforts to drill holes on the wall first to install their time-delayed flushing valve, spout and water tank separately before they install the toilet.

The installation involves more extra work and takes up more space in order to fix from this stainless steel combination toilets with wash basins compared to the installation of the one-piece combination toilet from KUGE KG-T216P-M.

More importantly, the labor cost for installing the toilet from the other suppliers will be much higher.


2) KUGE product KG-T216P-M More Safe in Use for Prison Projects

The accessories like the time-delayed valve, spout and water tank from KUGE are strictly designed based on the prison requirement.

They are 100% anti-vandal, anti-break and they are not easy to remove and take off by the prisoners.


3) KUGE product KG-T216P-M with Much Better Flushing Effect for End-Users

Based on the attached product drawing KG-T216P-M, there is a water tank included which is put inside the toilet as one-piece.

The best advantage for using the water tank to do the flushing instead of using the flushing valve from similar stainless steel toilet (like the picture circled at the right hand bottom in the drawing) is the water pressure on project sites can be stably controlled and managed. This ensures the good flushing effect for the users after using the toilets.

No matter where the project is located, the flushing effect will not be affected by the different local water pressure in different areas.


If using the flushing valve from similar stainless steel toilet to do the flushing of the toilet after using, the flushing effect will not well controlled and the water pressure for flushing will not be that stable in different project areas.

This is because in different areas, there will be different water pressures. When the water pressure is getting low, the flushing will not be clean compared with that if we use a water tank instead.


4) KUGE product KG-T216P-M More Energy-Saving and Water Efficient

As per the attached product drawing from KUGE KG-T216P-M, there will be only “one” drainage pipe to drain for the wash basin and the toilet bowl.

While for the toilet design from similar toilet suppliers, there will be 2 drainage pipe designed. One to drain the wash basin and The other is to drain the toilet.

Compared with above design, KUGE product will be more energy-saving and water efficient as the users can clean the toilet bowl just with the water from the wash basin after hand washing. When toilet is used, the water is drained together out after pressing the button.

For the toilet from other suppliers, there will be double water consumption than that compared with KUGE toilet. For hand washing, it needs water and for toilet flushing, it will also need water.