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KUGE in Shanghai Rail & Metro Exhibition 2018

Rail + Metro China is an international trade fair for rail and metro, which takes place in Shanghai. It brings together developers, suppliers, and consumers from the short-and long-distance transport industry. Exhibitors at the fair are also a number of international companies, so it shows its visitors a comprehensive overview of the latest trends and innovations for the industry. Not least because of this the Rail + Metro China is one of the leading trade fairs of its kind in China.

Our Exhibition Booth:

kuge  Exibition Booth

On the whole, the organizers welcomed on the 3 days of the fair, from 7 November to 9 November 2018 about 200 exhibitors from 16 countries and 18469 visitors on the Rail + Metro China in Shanghai.

On this exhibition, as the top 3 stainless steel sanitary ware manufacturer in China, KUGE displayed our latest new products of stainless steel vacuum toilet, stainless steel bio-toilet, stainless steel portable shower room, stainless steel in-wall toilet, and stainless steel extension and contraction toilet.

Customers from Overseas:

kuge Customers from Overseas

This is our new milestone set in 2018 in the stainless steel sanitary ware industry as we were selected to participate into the trade show as the only stainless steel toilet manufacturer in China for our new products to be applied in Rail and Metro Facilities.

Government Officials from Abroad Rails:

Government Officials from Abroad Rails

Our stainless steel vacuum toilet and the bio-toilet received very high praise from some officials of the overseas Railway Bereau and are very popular for its features in water-saving and space-saving used in airplanes, ships, Metro, trains and military forces.