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Precautions When Using Toilet

Cover the toilet seat when flushing

Suppose that the toilet seat opens when the water is flushed, and the instant cyclones in the toilet can bring germs or microbes up to six meters in the air,and suspended in the air for a few hours, and then fell on the wall and toothbrush, gargle, towel. Generally in most families, toilets, wash gargle, showers are in the bathroom. Toothbrush, gargle, towel, etc and toilet are put in the same room,it's easy to be contaminated with germs. Therefore, we should get into the habit of covering toilet seat when flush toilet.

The toilet brush needs cleaning

Every time you brush off the dirt, the brush will inevitably stained with dirt,it's better to flush the water once more. Drain the water, spray disinfectant, or soak it with a disinfectant, and placed in the appropriate place. It's best to put the toilet brush up, don't put it in the corner, and don't put it in an airtight container.

Clean the mess in the toilet

Stainless steel toilet can be contaminated with urine, feces. After flushing If you find remnants still remain, we must promptly clean with toilet brush.Otherwise it is easy to form macular stain, and it can also breed mold and bacteria. Along the lateral outlet and base within the toilet is a dirty place,lift the toilet seat when you wash it,and spray the toilet detergent on the outside. After a few minutes, complete with a toilet brush scrub it again. It's best to use a fine brush, so that you can clean the inside of the toilet and the pipes. And then clean the base and other gaps.

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