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Precautions For Shopping And Using Method Of Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl

Many people will wait until the stainless steel toilet bowl appears dirt after cleaning, in fact, when the inside and outside of the toilet has already been covered with bacteria. It is best to wash once in three days. If there is a urinary system infection in the home, it is best to disinfect the household disinfection solution. It is best to rub the outside of the stainless steel toilet seat. Use a rag and do not mix with other cloth.

The washing method of stainless steel toilet bowl

stainless steel urinal

Stainless steel toilet press water can be divided into "flushing", "siphon flush" and "siphon swirl" and so on. The flush type and siphon flush type injection volume are controlled by about 6 liters. The discharge capacity is strong, but the sound is large when flushing; while the swirl type has large water consumption once, but it has a good mute effect. Consumers may wish to try siphon-type stainless steel toilets, siphon-type stainless steel urinal, it combines the advantages of both straight and siphon, both quickly wash dirt, but also play a role in water conservation. In general, the horizontal row is selected in the form of a punching and dropping type, which is directly discharged from the soil by the flushing force of the flushing water; The principle of the selective siphon discharge of the bottom row is that it is used to change the scour water into a siphon action in the waste pipe and discharge the dirt, which requires that the quantity of water required to reach the specified amount of intelligence becomes an effective siphoning effect.

According to the impulse, when the stainless steel toilet bowl is now called by itself, its own brand is not only water saving but also very powerful, adopting various advanced technologies, you can test it to determine how strong it is. It can be removed in advance by bringing a ping-pong ball into a test toilet to see if it can be flush away. If you can complete the momentum can be up to standard, and on this basis to compare whether section water.

Checking the water tank

Check the inside of the water tank: the water tank is mainly about two aspects, the water valve and the button inside the water tank are to be looked at on the one hand, and the water tank is on the other side to see whether the water tank is of water leakage. In which that wat valve is closed and the button has a feeling of resistance to burr, because each time the toilet is used, the water valve can be pressed to flush the wat. If these components are not in good quality, the toilet is under-water or water is leaking. The cistern button has two buttons to be selected, which can be used respectively in different situations, and it is obvious that such a toilet can be water-saving.

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