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New Innovative Stainless Steel Sanitary Ware Products at KUGE 2018

laughingReal Water-Saving Expert Stainless Steel Sanitary Ware

New Product 1:

Stainless Steel Nursing Bed

As the number of old people increases, Chuangxing Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd., with our more than 30 years of experience manufacturing products for the well-being of our customers. Thinking in the future we have successfully developed a multi-functional nursing bed which can be used for domestic nursing, medical nursing, and physical therapy to meet the nursing requirements of homebound users and overall medical institutions. The multi-functional nursing bed is fully made of food-grade 304 stainless steel. Its main body consists of three modules, which are a fixed to a mainframe, a functional frame, and an electric remote control system. The multi-functional nursing bed is easy to operate. All functions can be operated by remote control (wired or wireless). The multi-functional nursing bed can reduce the difficulty of caring for the patients, can improve their life quality and could benefit their recovery times by Generating saves to the institutional users.

Stainless Steel Nursing Bed

New Product 2:

Eco-stainless steel toilet

Eco-toilet is a kind of environmentally friendly toilet, which is a kind of toilet that has no pollution to the environment and can make full use of various resources and emphasizes the concept and function of pollutant self-purification and resource recycling. Our stainless steel toilet company in order to be able to have greater achievement in the aspect of water saving so developed the ecological toilet. This toilet has the advantages of pollution free, water free, environmental protection, automatic stir discrimination and wood chips, and automatic waste disposal by microorganisms. Moreover, the excreta baffle has the function of opening and closing, avoiding the problem of the smell after using the toilet. When people sit on it, it will be closed after they stand up for two seconds. Non-hazardous and non-toxic bacteria are also used for waste treatment. After being mixed in a ratio of 1 to 5, wood chips are replaced once a year. Wood chips can be used as manure after one year.

Eco stainless steel toilet

New Product 3:

Vacuum toilet

A vacuum toilet is a flush toilet that USES suction to remove feces and urine, so water requirements are minimal (0.5 to 1.5 liters). Vacuum toilet provides the same comfort with traditional flush toilets, and due to reduced the amount of water, they help to save cost. The vacuum toilet system is suitable for large and small buildings, trains, ships, and airplanes.

Vacuum stainless steel toilet

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