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Why KUGE advises you to know about the stainless steel wash basin?

There are so many industrial stainless steel wash basins on the market, when you come to buy one, do you really know which type of stainless steel wash basin suits exactly for your washroom? For this concern, KUGE sincerely advices you to know about the category of the commercial stainless steel sink first, which will help you make the most reasonable choice for a stainless steel wash basin.

Stainless steel wall hung wash basin

For starters, stainless steel wash basin obviously has a fashionable appearance and is much easier to be washed cleanly. Meanwhile, it’s usually made of solid surfing material combining the steel material being highly extraction, so the surface of the stainless steel wash basin is processed after dull polish and mirror plating treatment. After by knowing this, let’s get to know about the category as below:

Desktop stainless steel wash basin can be divided into two styles: countertop basin and inset wash hand basin. Literally, the first one is set above the washroom cabinet and the second one is set by a built-in way. Comparably speaking, the build-in style desktop stainless steel wash basin is much more popular among customers. Columnar stainless steel wash basin is suitable for the bathroom which has a limited relatively space. The columnar holder is durable enough to hold the desktop wash basin to prevent deformation. Plus the whole style is elegant just like a piece of art article, which can be treated as a fabulous decoration to your bathroom. Wall mounted stainless steel wash hand basin is hung on the wall, due to the fact that the rack into the wall and the screw will get loosen after a long time use or the gravity, so you had better install it in the bathroom whose wall has a functional drainage system.

KUGE is a stainless steel toilet factory for decades, it’s a pleasure for us share the information with you. Hopefully, this category of stainless steel wash basin can help you to choose one perfectly.

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