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Key Points In The Purchase Of A Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl

With the development of science and technology, the stainless steel toilet bowl also shows more different new varieties, and the consumer has more choice when choosing, however, the key points for us in the stainless steel toilet are also the most basic feature of the toilet.
The outlet of the toilet: There are only one waste water outlet at the bottom of the toilet bowl. There are two or three water outlets in the brand, but this is less than one water outlet.
Toilet pipe diameter: Pipeline diameter is very important for the quality of toilet. It is excellent in discharge pipe of large diameter and glaze of internal surface, and is not easy to adhere to dirt, and that sewage discharge is quick and powerful and effective to prevent clogging. When consumer is bought can try to use the palm in the diameter of the method to test the caliber is big enough.
Toilet cistern: The tank with wash-down toilet is preferably highly selective in such a way that it is better to punch. In addition, to prevent the water tank from leaking, you can use drops of paint in the tank to observe whether the water outlet sees out of the paint. The cistern fittings in the tank is also important, and the quality of the water can be identified by the audible button. 
Be sure to open the water tank at the time of purchase to see the material of the water valve and connecting rod. The material of these water parts is divided into copper, copper plating and plastic. In order to be solid, at least copper plating material is used.