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Installation height and method of the washing machine faucet

Installation height

It is well known that that height of the faucet of the was machine is not lower than the height of the was machine, but the specific height is not critical, so that it is good to stand for a comfortable operation. It can be adapted to various types of drum washing machines or other types of washing machines.

Do not bury the taps into these walls because of the problem of replacing the faucet. In practice, if the faucet could be connected in a lower position or less, who would be willing to bend the waisted water? The water connection position of the drum washing machine is better at one side of the washing machine. The height is generally in the range of 1100 ~ 32500px.

The height of the tap is not limited to the height of the drain as long as the water is sufficiently long to fill the pipe length. The most part of the drum washing machine is the upper water discharge type, that is to say one pump is pumping water. Therefore, at least one of the water drainage pipes is not lower than the ground 65-85 cm, whichever is specific.

Installation method

Take out the water inlet fitting of the fully automatic washing machine, find the end of the water inlet connection and then press the slider to separate the inlet connection from the inlet pipe. Loosen the four screws on the water inlet connection evenly until the faucet is ready to be slipped in, and if the water tap is too big, you can go to lower the sleeve. Then loose plastic interface back nut to reveal about 3-4 ring thread.

Fit the water inlet fitting over the faucet, attach the black washer to the faucet in the connector, then tighten the screw with a screwdriver to tighten the nut of the plastic interface until it is not leaking, and connect the inlet pipe to the inlet connection. Connect the other end of the water inlet pipe to the water inlet of full automatic washing machine, tighten the plastic nut and install it.

Stainless steel toilet manufacturer creates the washing machine faucet tap which belongs to a special washing machine faucet tap , except that the special faucet outlet pipe can be directly set into the washing machine. You can use the washing machine tap as a tap. If you use a tap, you can't access the washing machine inlet.

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