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How to solve the toilet could not flush

In fact, the reason why the toilet does not pump the water is simple, and it is common for the stainless steel toilet to supplement the inside of the toilet. If it is used for a long time, it can cause too much fouling at the filter screen, so that the water cannot enter and the water cannot be stored, so that the inner water is free, so the water cannot be flushed.

In this case, we can simply remove the filter and clean it. The water inlet is closed and the strainer is removed for cleaning and then installed back so that the problem of no pumping is substantially solved.

In addition, there are other reasons for the toilet not pumping. Open the toilet lid to check if the float ball sinks to the bottom when there is no water in the tank, or if there is no water, the float ball is broken.

In this case, we only need to replace the floating ball inside the toilet, so that the float or ball of the water inlet valve will not move freely.

The damage to the toilet bowl, in addition to clogging of the toilet bowl, can also result in damage to the toilet bowl. In response to such a problem, we should check whether the water in the toilet is normal in addition to the internal pollution of the toilet. If water is damaged, replace the water with a new one. And whether the drain pipe and the toilet of the toilet match, also affect the pumping situation of the toilet.

It's a relatively difficult situation, and it's a necessary adjustment for the pipes, and it's usually required to have the professionals do the repairs.

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