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How to install wall-mounted urinal

Installation position

Installation height refers to the height of the surface to the ground at the front of the urinal with inox urinal suppliers. The installation height is recommended between 500-600mm. Note: since product is relatively heavy, it is suggested to install two persons together. Mark the wall with a pen on the edge of the urinal. Remove the urinal, measure the installation position of the hook on the wall and mark it on the wall by measuring the position of the mounting hole.

Install hook and horse head

Drill six 8mm holes in the marked hole in the wall and plug in the expanding bead, and screw the hook to the wall. Fit the headpiece on the threaded connection on the wall and screw in, then insert the screw. Fit the rubber seal over the water drain of the urinal. Aim the urinal on the horse head and hook, install it on the wall, and make the two screws pass through the installation hole of the urinal. Cover with gasket, screw nut and cap. The instructions for installing the incoming water and drain assemblies require connection of the inlet and flush valves. Note: do not tighten the screws too tightly, as they may damage the product. Put sealant on the edge of the urinal with the wall.

The installation height

A hanging urinal is divided into two types: water drainage and wall drainage. The installation of floor drainage urinal is relatively simple and generally has no major problems. Only the height of the drain opening needs to be paid attention to. And the urinal that the wall drains not only should pay attention to the height of the outlet, and it is better to be in before making a wall brick the small urinal size that should be installed according to prepare to set aside to enter water entrance. The installation of hanging urinals usually requires screws, decorative caps, brass heads, glue rings, urinals and so on. And urinal installation height must be moderate, the general public toilet urinal installation height is about 750 px supply used in children, adults use the urinal installation height is generally around 1250 px.