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How to Choose Stainless Steel Squatting Pan

Compared to the stainless steel toilet, the stainless steel squatting pan also has obvious advantages, such as low cost, simple shape and so on. The choice of stainless steel squatting pan has a large extent common with the choice of stainless steel toilet. But there are still little differences between them. Mastering the skills of the purchasing stainless steel squatting pan, so as to choose the best squatting pan.

How to choose stainless steel squatting pan? From the appearance? Or from the experienced?

There are many styles of stainless steel squatting pan, such as jail style, shower tray style, wash down style and so on. In Indian, shower tray style stainless steel squatting pan is very popular. Accordance with the popular of stainless steel toilet, 304 stainless steel squatting pan becomes one of the hot sale sanitary wares. From the material, 304 stainless steel is the most common material. But if you use the stainless steel toilet in the vessel, 316 stainless steel squatting pan is your best choice, because of its strong corrosion resistance. Owners and friends can choose according to their own preferences, but it is necessary to understand that there is the existence of water trap or not. In the process of renovation, if the level of dry pipe and the ground is almost flush, you should choose P-type stainless steel squatting pan. Otherwise you should choose S-type stainless steel squatting pan.