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How about Using Wall-mounted Toilet in the Bathroom?

Compared with ordinary toilets, Ss wall hung wc can be more space-saving due to being embedded in wall surfaces, which can reduce noise and look more stylish, thus becoming popular in recent years. You can get some knowledge from stainless steel toilet supplier.


The advantages of Ss wall hung wc as follows:


Easy to clean:

Ss wall hung wc hang on walls and are not in contact with the ground, so the washroom is much more convenient to clean and is free from dead corners and is suitable for use in toilets of various sizes.


Space saving:

The tank is hidden in the wall body, and the occupied area of the toilet becomes small, the use area is saved, and a lot of space is saved.

Ss wall hung wc


Unrestricted layout:

The toilet is not controlled by distance, and it is convenient to change position, which is more flexible than traditional sitting toilet.


Low noise:

Traditional toilet bowl with a large volume for water flushing. And the Ss wall hung wc has a wall which is blocked by the water tank, and the noise of the flushing is impaired.


Disadvantages: Wall-mounted toilet tanks need to be embedded in the wall. It is necessary to make a set of drainage pipes in the wall. The construction quality requirement is very high, otherwise water leakage is very troublesome. Because of the high construction requirements, the price is relatively higher.


Since the Ss wall hung wc does not contact the ground and is suspended at midair, whether the toilet collapses is a matter of most concern to everyone. In fact, the Ss wall hung wc is not a wall or a water tank. Instead, it is a bracket in the wall. The bracket is on the ground and the stress point is in the ground. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the toilet seat being collapsed.


Since most of the flush button is the manhole, it is convenient to take the inner water tank of the wall or other small parts, and it is not difficult to imagine the difficulty, or the maintenance of the wall is not required.


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