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combination prison toilet


Today will go to introduce a kind of stainless steel toilet manufactured by our company.

This is Stainless steel standard American combination toilet.At first, this kind of product was designed for American prisons.Therefore I think noboday can deny the security of this kind of toilet.

 We can look at the picture ,the main apperance of this toilet is square which is known for its timeless shape around the world.And If you look carefully,you will find we use nozzles instead of regular faucet,which conserve water in a way.What’s more,you just need to buy this product,There is no need fou you to buy a senicircle water tank, sink,toilet,because this kind of product contain all of those,which saves a lot of money and time.There also have some warm designs.For example,there are rolls holder to to put tissues that increased convenience for users.

The design of our product is not fixed ,all of our products are designed to facilitate our customers.Therefore,within the range of possible, we can change the design according to the customer's requirement.Just like,we can put the bowl on the right side,on the left side and in front of it according to the custommer’s need and so on.

 So if you like this kind of product or any other products.Don't be afraid to trouble us!!