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Cleaning points and usage notice of toilet bowl

Clean the contents of the toilet in time.

The toilet can be easily stained with urine, feces, etc., if any remaining residue is found still after flushing the toilet, it must be removed and cleaned with the stainless steel toilet brush in a timely manner, otherwise it is easy to form the stain stain and can cause mold and bacteria. In addition to the piping port, both the inside edge of the toilet and the outside of the base are hidden dirt. Clean the toilet ring and spray the interior with the cleaning agent. After a few minutes, brush the toilet thoroughly with a brush, preferably with a fine brush, to better clean the inner edge of the bowl and the depth of the pipe opening. The base and other gaps are then cleaned.

The toilet brush should be kept clean and dry.

If you don't pay attention to the cleanliness and dryness of the toilet brush, it will also become a source of pollution. Every time you brush the dirt, you get a lot of dirt on the brush, and you'd better flush it again and wash it clean. Drain water, spray disinfectant liquid, or soak it regularly with disinfectant and place it in a suitable place.It is advisable to hang the toilet brush up, do not put it in the corner, and do not put it in the air tight container.

Toilet flush habit - cover the toilet lid

If the stainless steel combination toilet lid is opened during flushing, the instantaneous cyclone in the toilet can be up to a maximum of 6 metres of air and suspended in the air for several hours, thereby falling onto the walls and articles. In today's vast majority of household, such as toilet lavatories, wash and showers are carried out in toilets, brush, mouthwashes, towels and that like, co-located with the toilet, are naturally susceptible to bacterial contamination. Therefore, the habit of covering the toilet seat should be formed.

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