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chuang xing’s history

Chuangxing Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd was founded in 1989,locating in Foshan,China.It is a professional private enterprise which specializes in the stainless steel products ,ranging from stainless steel toilet, stainless steel urinal to stainless steel wash basin etc. All of the stainless steel series products are exported to all over the world,and welcomed by the users.
Our company produces and sales stainless steel products independently, thus our factory is equipped with advanced machines, enabling a complete line from mould designing ,manufacturing, inspection, packing and sales.
    Different sizes and styles can be supplied according to customers demand .All of the company's products have been applied for more than 10 national patents. The material of the products is 304#-316# stainless steel which is safe, strong, durable.
   2005,we created “Kuge” brand .Presently our products are sold to more than 50 countries with CE and WATERMARK Certificate, and have been chosen as "The Beijing Olympic Venues Water-Saving Toilets Recommended Products", " The United Nations Peacekeeping Forces Designated Products Supplier".
   Our products can be applied in water deficient areas,high altitude and cold areas ,public locations, ships ,containers ,schools ,hospitals and so on.
   Our advantages is material is environmental ,recyclable and profitable. They can be used in wide places.
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