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About stainless steel squatting pans

The demand of stainless steel toilets will continue to expand in the future market. With the continuous progress of society, people requires increasingly demand for environmental friendly .Stainless steel squatting pan is also increasingly recognized by consumers. The traditional squatting pan is non-recyclable in addition to being easily damaged and difficult to flush. Not only does it waste a lot of resources ,but also bring a certain burden to the environment. Now the stainless steel squatting pans solve the above problems. 304 stainless steel material ensures that the squatting pan is not easy to damage and easier to rinse clean. And it can be recycled to re-use.


The squatting pan is clean, not easy to remain. It is the ideal sanitary ware for people in the bathroom. Of course, the average household rarely uses stainless steel squatting pan, because the price of stainless steel is more expensive, and it has not spread to the ordinary family. Nowadays, the stainless steel squatting pans are mainly used in trains, moving cars, engineering sanitation and public toilet renovations. These places use stainless steel squatting pans because the stainless steel squatting pan can adapt to the harsh environment. It can be more durable. And it can be recycled.