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A way of dredging the toilet

Stainless steel toilet bowl clogging is usually divided into two categories: one is soft matter plugging (usually the feces, paper towel, rags, etc.), one is blocked by hard material (toothbrush, plastic bottle cap, small comb, pen, etc.). Of course there may be other blockages, such as problems of the pipes themselves etc.

Generally soft objects are blocked, and the symptoms are usually completely out of water. In this way, toilet plug can be used to unblock, and that money can only be worth about ten dollar. When using the toilet plug to dredge it, you should be skilled in it, and take one pull, often pulling more and more than the rest. When you pull up, you're going to have a cycle of three to five cycles per second, which basically solves the problem. If you don't get a bit of the effect, then find a professional dredging company.

If the toilet is blocked by a hard object, the small objects usually get stuck to the corners, and the common symptom is the smooth passage of clean water and the blockage of faeces. Let me show you a very fine door today: that first skin is run down the front of the chute and the water is put on the side of the pan so that there is only clean water in the toilet bowl. The water is then stained with a towel, and a small mirror is found, which is preferably a small mirror on the toilet, a flashlight, the small mirror is placed on the bottom of the toilet and the Angle of the light source and mirror is adjusted to see a part of the interior of the pipe. It is usually that little thing that get stuck in the innermost part of the pipe that you want to bend down, and find a suitable piece of wire, and if your hand is good, this is solved by a small dot on the noise of the toilet bowl. The probability of the card object here is about 30%. If the hard object is stuck in the lower bend, it is better to find a professional pipeline to dredge the company so that it can save energy.

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