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Why choose stainless steel toilet

Stainless steel toilet is a new type toilet for home use, wherever it is popular and common used in public sites ,or entertaining facilities such as airports, train, bus, night club, hospital, school and hotel, etc. People use a lot ceramic toilets in life and most of us don’t know the advantages of stainless steel toilet .Why does stainless steel toilet become more and more popular in public places? Why stainless steel toilet is increasingly needed in market? These questions will be illustrated in the following paragraph.   
Advantages of stainless steel toilet: 
1.Erosion resistance 
Stainless steel is high-resistance to erosion, no worry about stainless steel toilet damped or mortified like wooden or ceramic materials.
2.Crack resistance
No matter what worse environment we are living in, stainless steel toilets are not easy to crack as ceramic toilets, reducing risk with the intact structure.
Stainless steel is one of the most sustainable material choices available to decision makers. Stainless steel toilet has high quality which could be durable for 15years.
4.Long-term value
Environmental productions enable to reduce pollution and protect the environment. 
Stainless steel is more easier to clean than the other materials