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Type of stainless steel toilet

The application of stainless steel toilets are more and more widely in public places. The advantage of stainless steel toilet is: stable, environment friendly, easy to install.


Stainless steel toilets have many types, such as combination stainless steel toilet, toilet with cistern, toilet without cistern, American style toilet, prison style toilet, disable toilet, wall hung toilet and so on. When we choose stainless steel toilet, it is important to consider the size of the bathroom space.


According to the toilet type can be divided into combination toilet and split toilet. Combination toilet, also called one-piece toilet. The classification method is: One-piece toilet is a combination of water tank and seat body design, installation is simple; split toilet is the tank and the seat separately design, separate installation of the toilet, easy maintenance.


According to the way of sewage, the toilet can be divided into P-tray toilet and S-tray toilet. P-tray toilet is also called wall-hung toilet or wall mounted toilet, most of the P-tray toilets are with wall installation, if the sewage interface in the wall, the rear toilet will apply some; lower row, also known as vertical row, that is, The Purchase points: rear toilet is to consider the choice of sewage outfall center from the ground height; lower row to pay attention to the sewage outfall center point away from the wall.