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Type of KUGE Wash basin

KUGE have so many types of stainless steel washbasin, generally have the following several kinds:


First, corner wash basin

This kind of washbasin covers small space, generally applicable to the smaller bathroom, after installation so that the there is more space in the bathroom.


Second, square washbasin

It cans servicer to bathroom general decoration or kitchen economical and practical.


Three, stand column wash basin

This kind of wash basins are with modern design. There are used bathrooms, hotels, hospitals, parks, KTV and other public places. It can be with the indoor high-end decoration and other luxury sanitary ware to match.


Four, the desktop wash basin and no desktop wash basin

Suitable for the use of more space to decorate the more expensive bathroom use, the table can be used marble or granite materials.


When we choose wash basin, we need to pay attention: good quality wash basin should be easy to hang dirty, easy to clean. We can judge under  the strong light, from the side carefully observe the surface of the product reflective to the surface without a small trachoma and pitting, or trachoma and pitting Less as well, you can also hand gently touch the surface, feeling very smooth and delicate as well