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Training of product knowledge

Recently, our company has recruited many new people. In order to let our new colleagues work on our company as soon as possible. The company has held a series of product knowledge training.

The aim of the training of products is improve the professional knowledge level of sales staff, promote the development of the company and build an efficient team.

As a sales men, you should master the basic product knowledge so that you can improve your sales performance.

The staff who responsible for training is the main designer of products. In his course, the training goes from the easy to the difficult and complicated , from how to see drawings of each series product, the design principle of products from the raw material to product of every design process, from product design, use, maintenance method to product. We systematically introduced the product to us.

Such as a salesman, we can better recommend our products to the guest, introduce some suitable products for the guest, and can provide to the guest the size of the product timely, the advantages, the using method, and maintenance method of our products. There is no doubt that, as a sales staff, we have to accept our company products, so that we can sell the product better .So let's sell our products better.