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Thousands of public toilets will be change to stainless steel toilets

  In China Beijing, most of public toilets will be change to stainless steel toilet at Second Ring Road’s Hutongs. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned from the municipal management committee, the reform involves all non-compliance public toilets at Second Ring Road’s Hutongs. According to city of management committee, this year is the biggest year of Beijing public toilets renovation, modification includes most public toilet to stainless steel squatting pan and stainless steel urinal.

  It is generally know that most of toilets are made of ceramic before, but most important condition of a standard toilet is sturdy and durable so that most of non-compliance public toilets will change to stainless steel ones. Non-compliance public toilet also has to be changed facilities humble, low water pressure, and poor ventilation, smell problem, etc. About the problem of water pressure, the toilets need to  install the booster pump and storage tank.

  Moreover, do not reduce the number of toilet and pitat the same time increase the board isolation between each pit,and each pit will install a toilet seat, also set the barrier-free facilities.