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Stainless steel toilet using note

  Dr. Philip Terno who from New York Universitypointed out that if the toilet cover keeps opening when we flush toilet , the instantaneous cyclone can be the highest bacteria or microorganisms can be thrown into the 6-meter-high air and suspended in the air for several hours, and then pollute the wall And other items. Therefore, we should develop the habit to close the toilet cover when toilet flushing.

  Many people will clean the toilet after the toilet came out Smudge. In fact, it is wrong. When the toilet has been inside and outside the bacteria" The best three days to clean once, if the family has urinary tract infection, the best use of household disinfectant disinfection." Stainless steel toilet is also the best side of the wipe and fixed with a rag, do not mix with other rags.

  Stainless steel toilet water flushing method can be divided into "washed down", "siphon" and "siphon" and so on. Washed down and siphon fall water type of about 6 liters of control, strong sewage capacity, but flushed sound; and whirlpool once a large amount of water, but a good mute effect. Consumers may wish to try straight siphon stainless steel toilet, straight siphon stainless steel toilet, it has both straight, siphon both the strengths, both quickly washed dirt, but also play a role in water.