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Stainless steel squat toilet installation and acceptance

Stainless steel squat toilet installation can be dry or wet installation, corresponding to material of the toilet floor. Europe and the United States, Japanese specifications will generally take dry installation because of toilet made by wood, plastic floor.  
If the floor use of ceramic tile or cement that’s condition have to use wet installation to make it. generally recommended by the manufacturer of 1:3 cement sand to avoid cement after the application for heat shrinkage causing the toilet chapped, actually use pure cement mixed gel is a better way. In addition to the scope of waste pipe around the 1cm, the toilet center about 10~15cm diameter circle not coated, the rest of the painted, the toilet will be removed after the excess cement. Manure outlet must be higher than the floor 1~2cm, will not allow fecal water reflux.
Manure pipe next to the export of cement can’t be too close, otherwise the toilet will go up the cement squeeze into the manure pipe, causing blockage. The water tank and the wall to more appropriate for the 0.5~1cm, otherwise the Taiwan earthquake environment will allow the toilet to produce 45 degrees chapped. Why does the toilet seat have holes in the expansion screws, because the manufacturers do not know what is toilet will be installed in the environment so that the hole reserved for different circumstances. In a house lizard tile floors it better fixed is wrong. How do you know if the problem is that the toilet is broken? As long as the angle is 90 degrees perpendicular to the ground, that is, the cement is too full, there is no room to shrink, and the toilet is broken.
If the toilet is 45 degrees, that is, the water tank is too close to the wall, the sheer force of the earthquake will shake the toilet.
(1) remove the pipe plug on the floor of the sewer, check that there is no sundries in the pipe, clean the nozzle.
(2) the water outlet pipe of the toilet seat is aligned with the water inlet pipe, and the utility model is arranged in a horizontal direction, and the utility model is used for drawing the mark on the toilet seat bolt hole.
(3) in a mark hole diameter of 20 mm, 60 mm deep, the diameter of 10 mm was inserted into the bolt hole, with cement twist firmly, the toilet eye alignment bolt placed, and make the mark consistent, after the test of the toilet away. In the toilet and water outlet tube around the mouth with putty, then the four bolt holes of the toilet are aligned, flat is a bolt, a rubber pad, screw nut, screw to moderate.
(4) at the toilet after the end of the center, draw a vertical line from the ground, at a height of 800 mm horizontal painting, according to the two side hole of the water tank in the back position, horizontal line drawing mark, holes in the hole to seal the diameter of 30 mm, 70 mm deep. The diameter of 10 mm, length of 100 mm bolts into the hole, with cement twist. The back of the water tank hanging on the bolt, flat to find the right, in particular, with the toilet center is aligned, the bolt on a good rubber pad, screw nut, screw to the appropriate tightness.