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Rebuilt a smelly stainless steel toilet

Newspaper September 4th (reporter Ma Jiling) In China in Yingze District (small town), there is a large blacksmith Lane toilet, the whole street residents can smell the public toilet’s stink that very bring a lot of trouble to the residents. This morning, the District of Yingze blacksmith Lane community came a good news that this disturbing toilet finally will be upgraded to replaced by a beautiful stainless steel RV toilet supplier.
In the big blacksmith Lane triumph on the east side of the south gate, under the tall buildings, an area of about 20 square meters, stainless steel toilet is very conspicuous which is clean and neat, and the floor is lined with colored tiles. In addition, there is a management room. In the public toilet there have 4 rooms for squatting in side also equipped with stainless steel sink and water faucet. A 79 year old lady Ms Han who‘s lived at community many years said that the repair of the stainless steel toilet well, to solve the problem of large blacksmith Lane residents of the cottage of the more than and 30, the toilet will no longer have to cover his nose when the people past by.
Blacksmith Lane community director Lei Junfeng introduction, this flush toilet, the surrounding residents hope for many years. As early as in 2005, when the transformation of the big blacksmith lane, once led by the Yingze District Construction Authority, and a number of real estate developers to negotiate the transfer of toilet matters, and finally due to the location of the toilet is difficult to move plan abortion". But dry toilet odor nuisance complaints are growing. She explained that once the toilet, because of the smell, toilet environment is relatively poor, and every year is the focus of complaints of residents. Due to the close proximity of the toilet high-rise households, the top floor tenants do not dare to open the window in summer. The nearby cottage tenants, as well as part of the floating population, street passers-by, etc., but also clutching his nose to the toilet. But it is the only public toilets on the street, the high utilization rate, an average of two to three minutes per minute.
About half a month ago, the toilet was dismantled by the government and replaced by a stainless steel toilet. Senior residents Lee said that after the installation of stainless steel toilet, the house can’t smell the smell. In this regard, Lei Junfeng reminded: the workers are still work on the stainless steel toilet open project when it open people who live there wants go to toilet please go to the toilet area for a certain civilization, and the surrounding environment.