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Protect the environment,start from KUGE

As we know, the global warming is being serious and human is short of various kinds resources so that everyone has responsibility to protect environment.
However, in the global about 65% toilets have different kind of problems about water consumption and more than 35% toilets will use 9-15 liters water fresh once times which is totally waste water and break of the” six liters of water toilet matching system” of state committee for standardization. Also waste the resources and destroy the environment. 
KUGE Stainless steel toilet always remember that “we have responsibility to protect environment” so that KUGE has been work hard to research and development of many kind of water-saving type of toilet. Because of water-saving system KUGE become 2008 Olympics Gymnasium water-saving toilets recommendation product. KUGE Stainless Steel products Co., LTD always has high quality to make the products from outside looking, scale size and every single detail. Anyway, the most important thing of a wonderful toilet is how much water it can use, how is the water flush work, can it save water, the value outside thing is the second thing.
Since 1989, KUGE has been working hard and kept developing more new products which can be water saving.