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Our new machine- welding robot

  According to incompletely statistics, the world about industrial robot of service nearly half of industrial robots is used for multiform weld to process realmso that Chuangxing-KUGE Company can’t afford to fall behind the others. Chuangxing-KUGE stainless steel products co., ltd bought a new machine also- weldingrobot. Weld to process to request that welder have to have well-trained operation technical ability, abundant fulfillment experience, stability of weld level.After bought the weld robot that stability and improve the quality of the welding. The welding quality can be reflected in the form of numerical; improve in the form of numerical and the labor productivity. Also improve the worker labor intensity that can work under bad environment to reduce the demand for workers operating technology, to shorten the product modification and upgrading of preparation cycle, to reduce the corresponding equipment investment.