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Multi station mirror stainless steel pipe polishing machine stainless steel toilet

The size and shape of the grinding machine can affect the working efficiency and improve the polishing quality. Unified materials because of different processing methods have different polishing abrasive, such as forging, casting, stamping, machining center of different processing methods will directly affect the choice of abrasive, the motor speed turning relatively low etc. In the process of finishing the process, surface treatment, polishing test, aging test, etc.. Regular companies will set up a position responsible for this work. A good polishing machine operator is also one of the protections to achieve polishing effect.
Safety instructions for round tube polishing machine stainless steel toilet:
1, the operation of circular tube polishing confidential to safety as the focus, first of all to see the power supply to maintain a good switch intact, switching power supply must be on the wall, it is strictly prohibited to mess up the pull wire.
2, round tube polishing machine in the cleaning and cleaning equipment, to prevent water splashing on the power supply, the operator is not allowed to enter the work area;
3, round tube polishing machine polishing machine when the ban shows any parts of the body into the polishing area, in order to avoid accidents;
4, replace the tube polishing machine polishing liquid to turn off the automatic mixer, so as to avoid danger;
5, after the completion of polishing off of the pipe, water, electricity, gas switch, field ground should be clean, not misplacing items;
6, round pipe polishing machine around the location of the fire equipment must be clear, but also must regularly check whether expired, intact, etc..
Multi station polishing machine has the advantages of high working efficiency, the surface roughness of the work piece, the machine performance is stable, the wheel speed frequency control (optional), polishing a work piece will not affect the size of the work piece, especially suitable for high brightness polishing of center less grinding machine processed.
The utility model is mainly used for hardware manufacturing, vehicle fittings, steel wood furniture, instrument machinery, standard parts and electroplating industries, and is the best choice for the polishing of round pipes, round rods and slender shafts.