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Infrared induction automatic flushing stainless steel urinal features

The product can be processed into different shapes and lengths according to user requirements. Its characteristics:

1.      The utility model can maximize the utilization of space and improve the utilization rate, and the superiority of the utility model in the large public places and the relatively concentrated places of the people is irreplaceable for the single urinal.

2.      The utility model can realize automatic flushing of the partition according to the user's position, and the flushing shape is like a crystal curtain, and the utility model has the advantages of no splashing, obvious water saving and good scouring effect.

3.      Infrared induction automatic flushing urinal stainless steel without any corrosion, shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, acid and alkali resistant, easy to clean, easy to maintain, always bright

4.      The infrared induction automatic flushing stainless steel urinal set makes the sanitary environment more beautiful, bright, spacious and clean.

5.      The whole infrared induction flushing system is all concealed and convenient for maintenance.