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How to choose the stainless steel wash basin

It is generally known that the stainless steel wash basin has a few major categories which is the upper basin, the lower basin, the column basin, etc. The products are basically the same, but there are differences in color, size, depth, etc. Now market of basin products mainly have in the form of these three, shape, materials, etc.
1, vertical basin 
Column basin is mainly suitable for relatively small bathroom space or the use of the toilet is not very high because of the design of the basin is very simple that can also drain components to the main basin of the column, giving a clean appearance.
2, marble wash basin
The basin is suitable for large space toilet. With the table - you can choose marble and granite and other stone, you can also customize the bathroom cabinet under the table, placed bathroom supplies, convenient and practical also beautiful.
3, stainless steel wash basin
Stainless steel wash basin is a modern fashion, but also easy to clean. But the general stainless steel wash basin is made of solid material, the steel material is also a high degree of extraction, the surface must go through the matte or mirror plating processes, so the price is not low. When you buy stainless steel sink, you must look at the style, it is best to know the material and maintenance points.
4, glass wash basin
Glass material is always able to capture the eye, whether it is a unique texture or its light effect. However, it is a fragile glass defect and high temperature resistance (not sold on the market of the glass basin wall thickness are 19mm, 15mm and 12mm etc, even wall thickness of 19mm products, its temperature is only relatively high temperature reaching 80 DEG C).