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How to choose the stainless steel mobile bathroom's cabinet

The bathroom will get damp so that stainless steel bathroom cabinet is the best choose. So how can we choose a waterproof and beautiful stainless steel bathroom cabinet? 
How to choose stainless steel bathroom cabinet main point is plan. At present, stainless steel always use 202# and 304# material so that when we identify quality of plank just can use a magnet to check, generally magnetism is very small of good plank. If plank is not easy to be magnet to absorb the board that would be relatively is better. accessories
Firstly, we have to know the watch accessories are moisture proof processed or not; also check hinge can open or not that better can open to 180 degrees so that as to put more convenient take item; specially firmness of hinge that can prevent dust from entering. 
3.Dry humidity
Stainless steel bathroom cabinets are very strict with the environment of the bathroom, dry wet depart. Shower water can’t not spill disorderly and at outside of the shower space have to keep dry.
Advantage of stainless steel mobile bathroom cabinet
1.New cabinet put oneself in another’s filling materials water proof
2.High metal leg design refused to moisture extended upward
3.Water proof material blocking water vapor is the first barrier 
4.Wear-resisting of good quality