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How does the toilet prevent smelly

If you have a situation like this, you can often smell a faint odor at home, but you can't find the source of all the water pipes in your home.

It's very likely that there's a problem with the way the water in the drain line is going to be.

How does the home environment prevent stink?

The action of the drain pipe is of importance.

What is certain is that every house is discharge pipes, some drainage pipe has cast iron, also have PVC, each material has its own characteristics, with the development of technology, more and more new materials will also be using it.

Under these discharge pipes into the position of the inside of a house, will have a shape similar to the letter N or U bend, this is the water against the stench, elbow, we sometimes also call it a trap, water trap, water seal elbow.

Drain pipes save water

What does it do? Can it deodorize?

You know the pipe is hollow, so it can easily cause the stench from the bottom of the sewer pipe from the pipe, and it will flow through the floor drain to the interior of the upstairs units.

In drainage pipes and floor drain (including other pipe exports) equipped with water after deodorization elbow, elbow will gather some of our domestic water, the water will have certain pressure; will be closed odor to indoor.

Professional introduction, need only in the position of floor drain in building is equipped with water deodorization bend line, because the sink drain pipe and toilet itself with deodorization elbow, so don't need to water deodorization elbow in the building pipelines.

In fact, we are now very easy to taint see above the roof of the building drainage pipeline vent, it not only can stink of discharged sewage pipeline, there are the same important role, that is to ensure that the drainage pipeline water deodorization elbow pressure balance, if did not have the water in the sewage pipe against the stench, elbow, so building ventilation way in fact also not too much, because the stench, before reaching the roof has distributed in each residential unit downstairs.

However, it is a pity that nowadays many developers do not install water in the newly built houses, but only use the stench to solve the problem.

So does smelly ground leak whether can prevent smelly, answer is reserved.