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A short history of stainless steels toilet

Through the years there has been a lively discussion about who invented stainless steel toilet? The people said stainless steels were discovered in Europe at the early 20th century and some said stainless steels were discovered in USA somewhere in the early 20th century. There is still quite some discussion about it. Now let’s  see the little  history  story.
First developments
Harry brearley, born in Sheffield, England, who invented stainless steel in 1871. His father was a steel maker. In 1908 Brearley had the opportunity to set up the brown firth laboratories. 
Which was financed by the two leading Sheffield steel companies of the day? In 1912 he was asked to help solve the problems being encountered by a small arms manufacturer, where by the internal diameter of rifle barrels was eroding ways so fast because of action of hearting and discharge gases who was therefore looking for a kind of steel with better erosion resistance not corrosion. As a line of investigation he decided to experiment with steels containing chromium, as these where known to have a higher melting point than ordinary steels. Using first the crucible process, he kept testing and trying until the first true stainless steel came out on 13th August 1913.